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What to Do After You Finally Get Her Phone Number!

First of all...
nice job man! You got her phone number! Believe it or not this is much farther than most men make it.
I know, it sounds pathetic...
that's because it is.
Anyway, if you are stumped on what to do now that you have her phone number, then you need to read this.
Here are some great methods for your "phone game" 1.
Settle Down!
We have all been there at one point or another.
We just got the number of this really cute girl and now we just can't seem to stop thinking about the possibilities.
You want to call her as soon as you get home and make plans to see her again.
That's cute :-) But just chill out.
As a general rule, you should wait about 3 days before calling her.
Any less, and you will come off as an ultra desperate, love-struck puppy.
This is not attractive to women at all.
On the other hand, if you wait a lot longer to call her she may lose that initial attraction for you and flake on any future dates.
Have a Game Plan
The worst thing you can do is call her up without any plans.
You may think you are being "thoughtful" by giving her some input in what to do when you get together, but this is not cool at all.
Most times you guys are going to get into this: You: "ummm...
what do YOU want to do?" [awkward silence] Her: "I don't know...
what do YOU want to do?" This is just plain pathetic (unless you two are 14 years old).
Women like assertive men.
So you need to come up with an idea for your date before you call her.
Let her know your plans and leave her a little wiggle room to make some choices.
Real men prepare for success...
remember that.

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