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The Truth About Bose 301 Speakers

Music lovers who look to buy speakers usually complain that the speakers they see at shops have excellent sound quality, but only when they perform in a controlled indoor environment like the shop where they are sold.
The same wonderful sound cannot be expected when you get them outside.
Clear sound, excellent dispersion, low distortion and, of course, looks, are what a buyer looks for in a good set of acoustic speakers.
Listeners look for either accurate reproduction or colored reproduction of sound.
Speaker manufacturers make speakers for both types of listeners, no matter what design, driver, or price specifications they may have.
The manufacturers of Bose 301 Speakers claim that their speakers are known for good dispersion of stereo sound.
Besides, the speakers fit into limited space.
Bose speakers have earned a reputation for seamless wrap around sound and they are said to be designed for consistent tonal quality.
Dispersion refers to the ability of speakers to deliver balanced sound, so that listeners can enjoy the music no matter where they are in the room.
This implies that the prominence of the stereo effect should not be restricted to one particular place of the room.
Many want the power of a live performance from their stereo speakers, while simultaneously looking for a versatile yet compact system that fits on a bookshelf, or in a hall.
The manufacturers of Bose speakers claim that if you use a Lifestyle system, designed by them, along with a SA-3 amplifier package system, you can enjoy music in one room while others simultaneously enjoy a movie in another, using the same system.
Those who want to watch DVDs or listen to Hip Hop or Rap would prefer large speaker system but stand-alone models such as Bose 301 need sub woofers of 150W or more, for better results.
Make sure your amplifier or receiver is in the power range recommended by the manufacturer, and can handle the impedance of the speakers.
When you move into a new place you should ensure that the positioning of your speakers doesn't affect sound quality, the room where you place the speakers is important in a stereo system if you want good dispersion.

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