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What Supplies Are Needed for a Wedding?

    Decorating the Church

    • A well decorated church takes time and proper planning to achieve as well as a mountain of supplies. Depending on how much of the decor will be purchased pre-made and how much must be put together by the wedding party will dictate what supplies are needed. Most brides will need to purchase the aisle runner, which is rolled out just before the bride enters the church, and the bows that will be used to decorate the center pews. Brides may choose to use candelabras placed near the alter or on the stage to set the mood. The bride must also budget for candles and flowers that will be used to decorate the venue for the ceremony. Supplies can be purchased or rented from retailers who specialize in wedding and party supplies.

    Decorating the Reception Hall

    • Depending on the photographer, it may take a while for the bride and groom to reach the reception venue following the ceremony. During this time, guests are free to mingle, grab a refreshment and take in the scenery. For this reason, it's important to have a well decorated reception hall. Supplies needed to decorate the reception hall include favors for guests, plates and silverware for food, tables for the cake and gifts, centerpieces and table cloths for the guest tables and champagne glasses for the bridal party and all guests. Favors for guests may include a commemorative photo of the couple, candles or personalized water bottles and chocolate bars.


    • There are some accessories that any wedding should not be without. For instance, the bride must have a garter as well as her bouquet of flowers to walk down the aisle with. The groom should have his boutonniere, and the flower girl should have a basket filled to the brim with beautiful blooms. The ring bearer will need to have a pillow to carry the rings on. There should also be a set of unity candles waiting on the alter for the couple. Don't forget the personalized napkins and the cake knife for the reception.

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