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Currently the United States of America we produced 17 million cars each and every year.
Most of these cars run on gasoline and very few actually run on ethanol.
Although most cars can run on at least 15% ethanol blends.
If we truly wish to break their addiction to foreign oil we will need to expand the number of cars which can run on either pure ethanol or E85 Ethanol, which is 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline.
Ethanol runs better at higher temperatures and that means it should be sold in places like Arizona and New Mexico.
Places like Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Georgia.
Yet most of the Midwest where the ethanol is refined and grown from corn has cooler temperatures and fair for the ethanol is less effective.
By less effective I mean you get less power as a fuel.
In fact you get less miles per gallon with ethanol than you do with regular gasoline and you have less power when it is cold out.
In places like Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Florida it is hardly ever called and therefore ethanol would work much better.
However, Texas is primarily an oil industry state and they have refineries nearby which keep the price of gasoline low.
Florida has many ports and can get loyal in for refining rather cheap.
These issues pose a problem for the switching to ethanol.
If the United States is to break the addiction to foreign oil we need to have proper planning of infrastructure to get ethanol to market and where it will do the most good.
That makes the most sense and yet there are distribution issues.
Such as ethanol is more corrosive and harder to move from place to place.
It does not work very well and pipelines.
There is more to consider when growing our own fuel in America then most people understand.
Please consider all this in 2006.

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