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John Gray Is The #1 Selling Author On Relationships

While I was looking on the Internet to seek out information on John Gray 'I came across a number of areas where the validity of the University he acquired his Ph.D. form are in question. I for one find it less relevant where he received his degree than the significance of his real
accomplishments. That is not to say there is no importance or credence to receiving a degree 'but isn't the vital property or element of such an accomplishment the underlying distinction? Isn't that distinction itself the knowledge and understanding of the discipline one studied 'and the proficiency of ones familiarity in the area of that particular instruction or training? Experience is what it comes down to in the end here isn't it?

That being said I would like to move forward and discuss what is essentially undisputed 'John Gray's success! As the title of this very article indicates, no one has out sold him in the venue of 'Relationship Repair' and many of the successful results derived from a healthy, nurturing and loving alliance in millions of homes world wide have found themselves stemming from John's insightful comprehension of the male/female dynamic. John has made feeling an acceptable attribute in the minds and hearts of his readers. He has paved a clear path to assist in the navigation of communicating for the 'Relationship Challenged' and he has reached into the depths of seemingly ruined and destroyed relationships and repaired the otherwise irreconcilable issues many couples have faced in their union.

John as been asked to speak on The View, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, Larry King, The CBS Morning Show, Live with Regis and Kelly, as well as CNN and Company and The Today show! He has sold over 30 Million books for the Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus series of books alone 'and that's not counting the ones that aren't in that specific library of his literary works! In his Separate Subject Books 'there are 5: they are titled What You Feel You Can Heal- Men, Women and Relationships-How To Get What You Want and Want What You Have ' Children Are From Heaven and lastly 'How To Get What You Want at Work. Most importantly, lets not forget the fact that John was a certified marriage and family therapist for more than 15 years.

He has 'from my perspective done the greatest good in helping men and women decipher the secret-language-dialect we each come equipped with in our different gendersthat can seem much more important than the whole debate of yester year that had us all struggling to merely 'Come to terms with our differences.' 'Breaking' or 'Cracking' the Code has proven much more valuable because as we grow to understand the finite differences between men and women, we also welcome and appreciate those very same contrary aspects in our partners personality and behavior. That in turn leads us all to common ground and it is from there we can begin to originate a brighter desire and hope for the future. Seems to me that John has contributed something very great to the world with his broad understanding of the attributes we as men and woman possess. There's just no-taking-sides from the insights of Johns perspective and I fully applaud that fact.

I love his brief comment in The Secret where he tells viewers that we have to fill our own selves up in order to be complete and whole. He goes on to say how we cannot keep a tally on what we have done for others 'and then imply that they now owe us for our kindness and generosity. He says out right that is not how it is supposed to be 'indicating that we are the only ones responsible for our feelings of self worth and importance 'not anyone else. Maybe if we first get that for ourselves, we can share it and pass it on to others not yet aware of this truth. The Law of Attraction seems to be working on his behalf and perhaps that is from his efforts to serve others before serving himselfwe could all learn from that gesture now couldn't we?

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