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The Right Garden Shed For Your Weather?

Do you have the right garden shed for your garden? This may seem a simple question after all is a garden shed not just a garden shed, made out of four walls with a door and windows and a simple roof? Well in principle it is, however they can differ substantially in how they are built, be that in terms of the timber thickness, the structural rigidity and most importantly the quality of the wood used in its construction as well as how the wood has been treated.
Accordingly you need to make very sure that you purchase the right one relevant to the weather conditions to the area that you live in.
If you live in a nice sheltered area that receives little wind or inclement weather then a cheap shed purchased from a major Do It Yourself (DIY) chain that is made out of thin untreated wood may suffice for your requirements.
However if you live near the coast in an area where the weather varies such as Kent you may find that the requirements for your shed are completely different, at least if you want it to last a great number of years that is.
Simply put the requirements for a garden shed in Kent will vary greatly from those found in other parts of the country.
This is because the area experiences wild swings in weather and has very hot, sunny summers, yet also has very cold snowy winters.
This means any wooden structure has to put up with extremes of weather, which is not a good thing when it comes to the structure having a long life.
This means that when looking at purchasing a garden shed in Kent or in similar area of extreme weather conditions, as an example, you will need to look for one that features pressure treated wood cladding for the exterior to provide extra protection against the rain and snow in winter, as well as the sun in summer.
It is also a good idea to purchase such a garden shed that features extra heavy roofing felt in order to ensure that even in the harshest of rain storms that water does not seep through the roof.
Nor will it seep through when the roof is covered in snow for an extended period of time.
You need to take these factors into consideration when purchasing any shed, otherwise you may find that your shed wears out due to the weather well before it should do.

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