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After spring each year

After spring each year, keep a small courtyard flowers, colorful flowers attract many of my friends viewing. Lao She loved life, friends, as long as a visitor, he warmly received the guests had gone mad like he does his thing. His novel "City of Cats," "divorce", "cow heaven-sent", "The country fair" in the vast majority of short stories, such as "Great Compassion, calmly walked", "Mr. Ma Ku", "micro-God", " opening doors "," crooked hair child "," Liu Courtyard, "" grandchildren, "" Black Lee "," glasses "," tractor and sick duck "," is also a triangle ", etc., as well as published in" The Analects of Confucius "and other poetry publications of humor, mostly written in the yard. Lived here for three years, gave birth to daughter Shu economy.

September 1934, Lao She accepted the College of Shandong University of engagement, the family moved to Qingdao, Laiwu back living in Alexander Road (now Dengzhou Road 10 A) for a Western-style bungalow. 1936 words moved to the second floor Huangxian Road 2 layer, living more than a year. Summer, Lao She resigned from the Alexander's teaching, became a professional writer. The famous novel "Rickshaw Boy" is done in writing here. August 16, 1935, son of Shu Yi was born.
"July" deeds of the guns so that Lao She can no longer immersed in the creation. August 1 Shu Yu third after the birth of a little girl, Qingdao critical situation. Qilu University College of receiving the letter of appointment, the family moved often Qida school now No. 11 Park Road.

November 15, 1937, the Japanese bombing of Yellow River Bridge, Jinan stake. Must not as a traitor, and resolutely to war, Lao She brought a small suitcase hesitation, say goodbye to his wife and children, often leaving 11 Park Road, warm home, headed for Wuhan to the torrent of anti-Japanese national salvation. September 1934 Lao She's family moved to Qingdao, Shandong University, Chinese Professor Ren Guoli. First live Laiwu Road, then moved into Chrysostom Road 2 B.
Chongqing House

Former Residence of Lao She

Beibei District, located within the city limits, is a small villa of Chinese and Western, the West Room of a room. The housing department in June 1940, Lin returned to settle in to buy, in July by Japanese aircraft bombed, repaired and was ordered to go abroad just before leaving Lin to presented to "The National Association of literary and art circles against the enemy" for office use. Mr. Lao She later settled the meantime, since we had a lot of house mice, in groups, not only eating rotten furniture, eating food, but also often towed manuscript, poker and other objects, so called "multi-Mouse Studios." Lao She has 6 years resident here, creating the famous "Four Generations" and other war novels, plays, prose, essays, folk art, poetry and memoirs of various works of hundreds of articles, almost two million words. The same time, the "multiple mouse fast" in the title in a row, "the evening edition of the Western Arabian Nights Hsin Min Pao" published a "multi-mouse fast essay," 12. Lent is now more mouse set by the Chongqing municipal conservation units, Beibei District, intends to "cultural management" located here. In 1982, Madame Wu Jieh Lao Youth return visit, the time to visit his old home, that this is the former residence of Lao She in the protection of the country's best one, wrote "1982 Tour Beibei poems"

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