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How to Make a Sizeable Pyramid

    • 1). Place four dowels on the floor, arranging them in a square.

    • 2). Hot glue the ends of the dowels together to secure the square.

    • 3). Hot glue another dowel at each corner of the square, angling them in to meet at the center of the square. This will create the skeleton of the large pyramid. Let the glue cool completely.

    • 4). Using a yard stick and scissors, measure and cut out four 6 foot equilateral triangles and one 6 foot square from the cardboard. Make sure that all of the sides measure 6 feet long.

    • 5). Hot glue the cardboard square to the bottom of the pyramid.

    • 6). Hot glue a cardboard triangle onto each side of the pyramid.

    • 7). Allow the hot glue to cool completely.

    • 8). Cover the entire pyramid with yellow and tan acrylic paint.

    • 9). While the paint is wet, apply sand to the pyramid. This will make it look more authentic.

    • 10

      Allow the paint to dry completely before displaying the pyramid.

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