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How to Treat Crystals in Dog Urine

    • 1). Take your dog to the vet. Depending on your dog's condition, your vet might need to unblock the urinary tract and empty the dog's bladder. Although surgery is not the usual treatment, it could be the only way to help your dog.

    • 2). Often the crystals will dissolve if you feed your dog a special diet recommended by your vet. Your dog must remain on this diet until the crystals are completely gone, which is between four and 16 weeks.

    • 3). Do not feed your dog anything besides the vet-recommended diet. Meat, liver, vitamins, calcium, cereal and vegetables are particularly bad during this time.

    • 4). Always provide plenty of clean, fresh water. Sometimes crystals develop in the first place because the dog is not getting enough water. Bacteria also can be a factor. That is why you must provide clean water daily.

    • 5). Even if you provide water, your dog might not drink it. To get your dog to consume more water, mix water with its dry food, or add beef or chicken broth to the water. If your dog is clicker-trained, click and reward when it drinks water. (Remember to feed only vet-recommended foods.)

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