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Building traffic with online marketing

Traffic building is a popular subject with online marketers and the key to success in affiliate and online marketing. Without a regular flow of quality traffic to your website there is little point in having one. Random traffic from social networking sites is really not really quality traffic, what we want as online marketers is buyers visiting our sites rather than curious browsers or haphazard 'clickers'!
How do we get quality 'buyer' traffic to our sites then? We need to use the correct keywords and domain names which will attract quality traffic from natural 'organic' search results in Google, ideally. This means choosing a domain with the main keyword in it. The main keyword is going to be one that the 'buyer' types into Google when searching for the answer to his or her problem.
For example if your product is an abdominal exerciser, you will need to think about what people will search for when they wish to find a similar product. "Abdominal exerciser" might be what they will type into the search bar. By looking at many keywords which have 'user intent' and are related to the product, you can narrow down your search by looking only for those keywords with the fewest competitors and the largest amount of monthly searches. Use the Google keyword tool and a "phrase match" to help you do this.
By building your site around sought after keywords with fewer competing web sites, you give yourself the head start to create free 'organic' and quality traffic. The traffic is quality because the keyword analysis you do allows you to rank for keywords in your niche which also show user 'intent'. That is the user has an intention to find your products or services by their very keyword or query.
There are many ways to build traffic of course and you should not put all your eggs in one basket. Make good use of article marketing, social networking sites and reciprocal links from good quality websites in your niche. Off line marketing is also a good way to build traffic and there are many free online sites such as free ads and gumtree which will place a link for nothing. Newspapers often have online departments which allow free advertising too. The more links you have to your site the more traffic will come from those links, but also the higher Google will rate it and the more natural traffic you will get from the Google organic rankings.
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