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Mobile Phone Accessories - Achieve Higher Sales Than Mobile Devices

We are all familiar with mobile phones, the most popular portable device for enabling communications on long distance.
Mobile phones are capable of transferring data such as text messages, SMS, connecting to the internet, receiving and sending emails, playing movies and music and much more.
In some countries, especially in Asia, where the cost of mobile phone devices are very very cheap (in comparison to the U.
S or EU), Mobile phones are gradually replacing the use made by regular line phones and even calls are getting cheaper as time roles by.
A Mobile phone is not to be seen as a stand alone product.
Mobile phone companies manufacture a whole set of mobile phone accessories.
As a rule of thumb, the more advanced your mobile phone, the more accessories and features could support it.
Some of the most popular mobile phone accessories are: Today's leading manufacturer of mobile phones is Nokia, which holds about 35% of the cellular phones market share.
Mobile phones come with a large variety of accessories- which capture a rapidly growing market size of purchases related to cellular phones.
According to researches, mobile phone accessories achieve higher sales than the mobile devices themselves! Mobile phone accessories are cheaper, and everywhere.
People buy a few accessories, while they have only 1 mobile phone device (at most times).
Mobile phone accessories are very popular in Asia, where you can find accessories at any corner of the large towns.
Some of the most popular mobile phones accessories are: Antennas, Bluethooth, body glove cases, charms, codi cases,color keypads, connectors, data cables, hands free, holograms, memories, mp3 accessories, Naztech cases, protect chargers and more.

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