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Tiger Woods is a Golfer

I could not help but to ponder the question about Tiger Woods.
Why is he being punished so badly in the media for indiscretions that are clearly personal? The answer to that is quite simple.
As a society we have placed an incredible value on celebrities to guide us, and if this were not the case Tiger would not have to be defending his personal actions to the public.
He is a golfer and in the midst of all the scandal he is still the greatest golfer.
This is not to undermine what he has done, but it is to show that if we continue to place such a high value on a celebrity it is a recipe for disaster.
There is an approach to all of this.
If you have a child who is aspiring to be a golfer, that child should look up to Tiger Woods...
for golfing.
It is our responsibility as parents to have our value system set at home by us, not by Tiger or Britney or anyone else for that matter.
No one is perfect, but somehow we think celebrities are Superhuman.
These kinds of things happen when we stop being active parents.
I will buy Nike, and I will buy anything Tiger pushes that I like, and that is not because I support him or his ways, but he is simply an advertising vehicle.
Nike is still a good athletic company, Gatorade is still Gatorade.
The bottom line is that no matter which way we slice it, Tiger Woods is revenue, if not for the products he endorses, than for the rags that try to sell his scandal for profit.
Truly do people really care about what is going on with Elin his wife, who is an adult experiencing infidelities like so many others, and yet so many others do not walk away with the millions she will walk away with? No, people do not care, they feel her pain but ultimately, we should be concerned about the state of affairs in our own homes and not in the homes of these celebrities.
Tiger Woods is a great teaching tool, with a great lesson to be learned.
Appreciate what you have, value your family, stay true to what you say, or simply watch what you say.
In one interview with Irish station, Tiger Woods stated that his family was top priority, and family is most important.
While this is very very true and he probably feels this way, he should not have made that statement knowing privately what he was up to.
The values that our kids have and the role models that have should be right at home.
How many of us can claim supermodel status to our kids? I believe none.
Do you smoke in front of your kids? How about cursing? How many families have experienced infidelities by one of the two parents/spouses? Divorce? Really, the list is long.
I say strive to be role models for your kids and let's stop putting that obligation or duty in the hands of any celebrity.
Pick and choose what a celebrity has that you can use as an example good or bad.
My started playing golf and really liked it, but never pursued it further.
At the height of my son's interest there was Tiger.
I never said, "that is who you want to be like, he is great, he is this and that".
What I did say was, "He is an excellent player and that is how you play golf".

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