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Rush To Profits - Can Limbaugh Listeners Find Online Success From Home?

The time has come to take the $350 million dollar man "Rush Limbaugh's" advice and rush to profits to fix this deeply troubled economy.
The big mouth on the right has been bellowing now for over 20 very short years and I have enjoyed almost every single minute of it.
But the time has come for many of his fans who now find it is time to not only listen but to take action.
No I am not speaking of a violent overthrow of liberalism but an economic overthrow.
It is true that Rush has combined humor, sarcasm and passionate conservative confidence with a lot of optimism for the country, but he also has become a multi millionaire while doing it.
I believe it is time know for those of us who have listened for so long to start putting his advice into practice and follow in his footsteps.
Rush often says follow the money.
He is usually referring to the money of corruption.
But it can also apply to the money of success, profit and financial freedom.
It's time to stop and release some of the stress that is built when listening to his 3 hour show and channel it towards capitalistic enterprises.
We need to transform or segue from listening and purchasing to doing and selling.
It is time to Rush to profits.
The internet still provides the greatest opportunity for the average person to make above average income and profits.
The Internet is still growing and it is the one last beacon of free enterprise left in American that is not over regulated and over taxed; I say let's take advantage of it while it lasts.
To begin several things must happen.
One you must find a niche or target market with a product and then you need to learn some things about marketing online.
For the niche market you just need to look to Rush and his Band of Merry Conservative Talk Radio Men and Women for ideas.
If you have been listening for any length of time, Rush has repeatedly described the demographics of his target audience and how large it is.
I would think this is a very good market to tap into.
One strategy is called Piggy Backing another is Reverse Marketing.
Piggy Backing is when you start marketing products already being promoted and sold by Rush's cliché.
Carbonite and Life Lock to name just a few.
Another is Gold and Silver, which has been heavily advertised for the last several years or since Obama took office.
Reverse marketing is just marketing a competitive product but using the industry best seller as a loss leader.
Once you start thinking along these lines other ideas will avail themselves to you.
Next you must learn something about online marketing which will start at understanding how Google and You Tube really work.
There is a phrase that says that the back bone of this country is "God, Guns and Gold" but now we may have to add "Google" as well.
With a proper understanding and proper but effective training any one can learn how to market anything online.
Like Rush says "Humor looks easy but it should left to the professionals", the truth is just about anyone can rush to profits and learn how to become a professional internet marketer and find online success form home.

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