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Hellgate London Tips

    Finding Your Way Around

    • If you're lost or can't find a specific place, pressing the 'M' key will bring up a map, which will not only show you where you are, but also the best way to get to where you want to go. Pressing the 'Tab' key will bring up a mini-map, which can also be useful if you are stuck somewhere. A portion of the game takes place in Aldwych, which is dark---the headgear given by the Quest Giver should help to enhance your vision.

    Fighting Abilities and Using Explosives

    • Too many monsters to fight all at once? The best thing is to separate them from the pack---allowing you to defeat the monsters one at a time. Also, if you are in one of the many warehouse levels, jumping on top of the crates is a good way to avoid some of your enemies. Upgrading the weapons you have, instead of constantly changing them, is generally the best way to go. The basic abilities that allow you to fight these monsters include Stun, Ignite (firing your weapon), Poison, Phase, and Electrical Shock. Be careful which ones you use---the Poison weapon tends to backfire and have a negative effect on your health in the game. During the course of the game, you will also gain spells to defeat your enemies. Additionally, many of the barrels in this game are packed with explosives, which will harm your enemies and have no effect on you. If you're ever in a tight spot, try to lure your enemies over to those barrels and set off the explosives.

    Other Hints and Tips

    • If using the default setting, the game gives you 12 basic shortcut keys for your gaming abilities---the number keys one through 10 and the 'Q' and 'E' keys. The left mouse button is to fire your weapon with your left hand while the right mouse button is to fire with your right hand. These keys can be awkward to use for some people, so remapping the keys often helps---for instance, the six through 10 buttons can be changed to R, X, C and Z.

      Additionally, by opening up your skill screen you can actually drag your skills to the left-click slot at the bottom of the screen. If you do so, you can drag the icon with two guns in it to the left-click slot, which lets you fire two weapons with one button while using the right button for other skills and abilities.


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