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The Pager and the 1999 U.S. Open

From the Amy Mickelson photo gallery.

Above, Amy and Phil Mickelson pose with the Wanamaker Trophy after Phil won the 2005 PGA Championship. That was Phil's second win in a major, but for many years - until winning his first at the 2004 Masters - Phil was tagged with the "best player without a major" title.

One of his closest calls prior to finally winning a major was at the 1999 U.S. Open, which Payne Stewart eventually won with some late birdies.

Phil carried a pager with him during the final round, because Amy was pregnant with their first child and due to go into labor at any moment.

Phil said that no matter what the situation in the final round, even if he was leading, he would leave the tournament to be with Amy if she went into labor. And Amy did go into labor - but decided not to tell Phil. Although Phil lost the tournament by a stroke, he did get to Amy's side in time for the birth of Amanda.

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