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Here are some illustrations of the kinds of diet programs on which you can stick your diet plan of choice. These kinds are the most usual ones which most individuals are more familiar with. Some have existed for a long time while some are new.

Fixed Menu Diet Plan

One type of diet program is the fixed list diet program. The benefit of this program is simple to go after because this diet program has definite recipes and menu. The chart is complete and has been established over time. The listing is created together with the plan. You cannot change anything on it.
The annoyance is that this diet program tends to be boring. There are no alterations and it is motionless. And once the plan is completed, you will now have difficulty in developing your personal list so you will be inclined to lose attention in the list and begin to increase weight again.

Exchange-Type Diet Program

Another diet program is the exchange-type diet program. This diet program has greater challenge because it permits swapping of food. The only objective when exchanging is to find the perfect amount that goes with the amount to be changed. The benefit of this diet program is that there are probable variations with the food that you consume. You subtract and add specific foods to decide on your choice of combination.
The annoyance comes in when you do not know how to follow and balance instructions. Later on, you may find it hard to find the perfect matches for the needed food.
An example of this diet program is the South Beach Diet. With S.B diet, you could eat everything if you obey with the conditions of the food sets that you must eat.

Packaged Meal Diet Program

Another type is the prepackaged-meal diet program. This is a diet program where proportions and sizes for this diet program are strictly implied. The benefit of prepackaged-meal diet program is that it is calculated appropriately and carefully. Size really matters and the calorie consumption makes the difference.
The disadvantage of this type is that it is more expensive than other types of diet program because this type may need you to buy the foods that you will consume to follow the required proportions and sizes. Before going into this kind of diet, consult first if you will have to purchase or you can do the servings independently.

Replacement Diet Program or Powder/Liquid Formula

Still one more type of diet program is the diet plan that changes part of your foods with liquid formula. This is also known as the replacement diet program. From the meaning, the diet program changes liquid recipe with the food. The liquid recipe has the similar calorie condition as the food. The benefit of this type of diet program is that this is a very useful weight loss plan for a short time. Liquid recipe can be in the form of juices or shakes.

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