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Discover The Joys of Sex

Sex plays a major part in a couple's life.
It is a very special bond that sometimes even goes beyond physical contact, almost spiritual; especially if it is between two people who deeply care for each other.
But sometimes it is hard to maintain such deep and loving bond over time.
And instead of trying to discover the joys of sex with their partner, some think it's time to change their partner! So how do you discover the joys of sex and put that relationship back on track?A few tips to help you get started: Be romantic.
Having sex for sex's sake is no fun at all.
We all need a little foreplay that can begin with a little romance outside the bedroom.
Couples often take each other for granted especially if they've been together for a long time and trying to discover the joys of sex for each other becomes less of a priority.
So if you really want to get that amazing sex, you can start in small steps.
You might be surprised what those little love notes and sweet whispers can do especially if you've not done them for a while.
Set a special time.
When you have kids, it's hard to set time aside for just the two of you.
Romantic dinner dates are replaced by family night out at the local pizza joint.
Sex becomes harried because of time taken away by all the other things happening in your lives.
In order to discover the joys of sex, a special time for lovemaking is needed.
It shows your partner that he is important and that intimacy is one of the best ways to show it.
Have an open mind.
Lovemaking between couples becomes redundant when you don't experiment.
When you're always in the same position each and every time it becomes predictable and boring.
To discover the joys of sex, you have to be open to suggestions by your partner.
It doesn't have to be kinky or uncomfortable but instead it has to be something that both you and your partner will enjoy doing.
Take care of yourself.
Most relationships start from physical attraction.
To maintain that attraction, one of the things you can do is maintain yourself.
If you stay fit and healthy, you'll also stay sexually active longer, enough to discover the joys of sex more than you thought you would.
Every relationship has challenges, if you discover the joys of sex early on, lovemaking won't be one of them.

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