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Fuel Pressure Testing Tools

    • Fuel pressure tester tools essentially break down into two categories: vacuum pressure tester kits and fuel pressure tester kits. These devices can be used in conjunction with computer systems in modern vehicles or threaded through the fuel systems of older automobiles to help diagnose potential problems. Fuel pressure testers ate relatively inexpensive, with most devices available for under $100.

    Fuel Pressure Tester Kits

    • Fuel pressure tester kits like those manufactured by Actron are designed for automobiles with fuel injected engines. Adapters are included with these kits to fit domestic vehicle models manufactured by Ford, GM and Chrysler, among others. The device reads fuel pressure through a gauge attached to a hose that connects at the fuel filter, fuel line or fuel rail. Actron's fuel pressure testing kit functions with the vehicle running or turned off.

      For older vehicles that lack fuel injection, a fuel/carburetor fuel pressure tester is needed. These testers, like those manufactured by Equus, are simple devices that measure fuel pressure without the need to attach the tool directly to a vehicle's fuel injection system.

    Vacuum Pressure Tester Kits

    • A vacuum pressure tester kit can be used to determine if drops in fuel pressure are caused by fuel line leaks, a faulty pressure regulator or leaking fuel injectors. Tester kits like those manufactured by Equus include adapter attachments for most domestic car models and a single adapter piece to attach to import vehicles. While a fuel pressure tester kit can only determine the active pressure in a vehicle's fuel system, a vacuum pressure tester kit can determine where the leak is coming from.

    The Correct Testing Tool

    • Finding a fuel pressure testing tool that fits your vehicle is essential to obtaining a correct pressure reading. Most domestically produced pressure testing tools include adapters for U.S. built cars, however not all companies include adapters for import vehicles. If you have a foreign-built vehicle, it may be necessary to consult a local dealership to either obtain a fuel pressure reading or get information on where an appropriate fuel pressure reader can be purchased. PSI readings for the particular fuel pressure tester should also be consulted; a 0 to 100 PSI reading is the most common.

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