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How Do You Know Your Article Marketing is Working?

Usually, right after setting up a website and a basic e-commerce set up -- the next thing my virtual assistance clients ask for is to begin an article marketing strategy.
That is because if done properly, article marketing can help establish credibility, bring new traffic to your site and hopefully more sales.
But, if it is done wrong, clients can waste time (and not insignificant sums of money) scattering their articles on the web without a solid strategy.
I tell my clients that article marketing is a long term strategy and that you aren't going to see results overnight -- but there are a few shorter-term metrics you can look at to see if your campaigns are successful and to make course corrections if necessary.
How many people are viewing your article each day? It is not unrealistic to look for 10-20 views a a day for a new article.
How many people are clicking on the URL you give in your resource box? If the article submission site allows it -- you may want to have this be a tracking link so you can track your conversion rate (see my next point).
How many people are signing up for your list as a result of coming to your website.
If you divide the number of people who come to your site by the number who sign up for your list -- that is your conversion rate.
Anything higher than 10% is considered good.
How many external links are pointing to your site.
The more articles you have published, the higher this number is likely to be.
Many article services will tweet your articles once approved.
Are you getting many re-tweets? Comments on Facebook? To really improve your article marketing success, try making a spreadsheet and tracking the above stats for each article you write.
By focusing on the numbers, you will see them improve over time.
Here are some tweaks to try if your article is not getting the results that you want: 1.
Is the headline enticing? Your title should intrigue but not give away the secrets in the article.
You might get more opens if you write article headlines like you would headlines for e-mails or salesletters.
Does your article have a clear call to action.
At the end of reading your article, do people feel compelled to click the link to get more information and learn more.
Many great articles are simply informational - they don't get the results they should because there isn't a clear call to action.
Are you sending your articles to the right place? Keep track of where the traffic is coming from on your website.
Keep sending articles to the places that result in the most links or the most sales for you.
By spending some time minding the numbers, you can improve your article marketing success.

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