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How to Upload a Picture to Funny Mugs

    • 1). Try CafePress, one of several companies that print your designs on various products, including mugs. Zazzle and Printeet are two other companies that do this. You will need to follow the instructions available on this type of site to upload your design properly. Normally you will have to set the dimensions of your document per the sites guidelines, as well as the resolution. And unless you want a square shape around your image, you should make it a transparent PNG file. Place your order for your mug. On CafePress there is no minimum or limit on the number of mugs that your can purchase. And while anyone who might want to buy one of your mugs at CafePress will have to pay the full price, as a store owner you will get a discount.

    • 2). Buy a sublimation heat printer for printing on mugs (standard flat heat presses won't work). Then print your design onto heat press paper and use the heat press to apply it onto your mug, following the temperature and timing instructions that came with your particular model.

    • 3). Go to Staples to print your mug. They are particularly useful when creating promotional mugs you can give away to customers. If you need a large quantity of mugs printed, you should try to get a reduced price, since printing items in bulk normally costs less. In addition, Staples has discounts for businesses that it does not offer individuals, so be sure to ask about these.

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