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How to Remove a Rock Background From an Aquarium

    • 1). Unplug your aquarium's pump and remove the cover and top-mount light if you have one.

    • 2). Place an empty bucket on the floor in front of your aquarium.

    • 3). Gently reach into your tank and shift the rock background slightly in the gravel or sand at the bottom of your tank. Use the scoop net to clean out the obvious larger pieces of debris and waste. Allow 10 minutes for the debris to settle after first shifting the background.

    • 4). Insert the larger tube end of the tank siphon into your aquarium. Suck on the end of the small hose to get the water flowing through. Siphon out one bucketful of water, sucking the ground and rocks from around the rock background.

    • 5). Reach in and remove the rock background. Set it on the towel, wrap it up and move it out of the way.

    • 6). Empty out the first bucket of waste water and place the bucket back in front of the tank. Siphon out two more bucketfuls of water from your tank. Carefully run the large siphon tube along the bottom of your tank where the rock display sat, cleaning the area out thoroughly. Also make a final pass with the scoop net to catch large floating debris.

    • 7). Rinse out the bucket and fill it with luke warm water. Add eight drops of tap water purifier to every gallon of water in the bucket. Pour the water back into your tank. Allow 10 minutes to pass and add another bucket of water back to your tank. Continue this process until your tank is refilled.

    • 8). Place the cover and the lamp back in place and plug your tank's pump back in.

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