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The Ultimate Chick Magnet - How to Become a Player in 5 Ways

In the world of dating, you'll only find two types of guys: the good guys and the players.
Although the good guys get all the praises, the players, on the other hand, get all the girls.
On whose side are you? Just how lucky are players? Well, for one, they can walk into a bar without a girl and walk out with several hanging onto them.
Second, they can win their way into almost every type of woman by just their looks, wit, and personality-no fancy cars or fancy tricks needed.
They sport a special style of attracting girls, and make them fall head over heels for them over and over again.
They can be simple guys by day, but be irresistible chick magnets at night.
YOU are but 5 steps away into becoming a player.
Become a player with the help of these few tips and you'll never find yourself in dateless nights.
You have to keep in mind that dating is not as easy as the movies portray it to be and there will come instances when you will be rejected; however, you should not let rejection keep you down nor affect you.
If you let this happen, it will be difficult for you to become a player.
You have to keep in mind that there are a whole lot of women to choose from-if one says no, look for another woman to convince and finally get a "yes" from.
Be poetic.
Most players may not look like Brad Pitt, but they sure are poetic.
They know how to swoon girls with just their words and if you can master being an interesting talker, you will most likely know how to entertain the people around you especially the women.
A lot of women are attracted to guys who are quite intriguing too and out of the ordinary.
Try reading a little bit of Shakespeare and use a few of his quotes in place of pick up lines instead.
Try something women don't hear often, and they'll be glued to you.
Build a connection with certain women through commonalities-for example, if she loves surfing and you do too, tell her right away that you're a surfing aficionado yourself, and share a few experiences or insights to prove it.
It will be easier for the both of you to connect since you have a common ground.
Flirt - What's a date without flirting? Most times, you have to flirt first before a girl does.
Make eye to eye contact when talking to her, use your sense of humor, and be confident.
The best of you shines out when you are relaxed and confident so don't be nervous.
Lastly, learn from Pro's.
If you want to become a player, you will have to know more than one way to attract women.
Not a single woman is alike and there are different ways to flirt with them.
Some men might try jokes and wisecracks, but some women fall for nerdy guys.
A lot of dating gurus have exposed the secrets of dating so try to look into their material and learn a thing or two from them.
For reputable examples, try Player's Dating Secret.
If you believe you know how to make it through girls, it will be easy for you to become a player.
Belief in oneself can help you go far, and who knows, in this world of dating, you could be king.

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