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Barbie Pool Party Games

    Floating Objects

    • Kids should enjoy the challenge of gathering as many objects as they can in a race against the clock. Fill your pool with different-size objects that float. You could use Barbie bath toys and pool toys in addition to objects like pool noodles and pink rubber ducks. Place a few sunken objects in the pool as well. Give each party guest a laundry basket. Set a timer and then give the command to start. Players then jump into the pool and gather as many of the objects as possible. For an added twist, assign point values to certain objects and tally them up at the end of the game.

    Barbie Dress Up

    • When kids need a break from the pool, play a game of Barbie dress up. Place a large collection of Barbie clothes in the center of a circle and give each player a doll. At one end of the yard, place a Barbie car. Before the start, come up with a list of items the person must include on the doll when dressing it; for example, a pair of shoes, an accessory, a skirt and top. After players receive the signal to start, each races to dress her Barbie as fast as possible. Whoever dresses the Barbie the fastest and places her in the car wins.

    Nose Race

    • Races are a type of competition that many kids enjoy in the pool. Have each racer start at one end of the pool with a floating Barbie toy such as a boat. When the race starts, competitors must push the toy from one end of the pool to the other using only their noses. If someone uses a hand or other body part, that player is out. The first person to go back and forth one time wins.

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