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Wedding Speech Tips: How to Create It and Deliver It

With any wedding speech, the best place to start is where you consider your relationship with the bride and groom.
This will allow you to figure out what to talk about in your wedding speech.
What memories do you have of either the bride or groom? How did you meet them? Did you grow up with one of them? What are some funny memories you have with them? These are all questions to ask yourself when finding topics to discuss during your wedding speech.
You can structure your speech however you feel is appropriate.
You could go about it a few different ways.
The first way you could do it is called the sandwich method.
Start out humorous, get more serious, then end funny again.
This is a great method to really keep the audience's emotions guessing and keep it interesting.
While you could do well with this method, just going from one end of the spectrum to the other could be successful as well.
By this, I mean starting out funny to catch the audience's attention, then just slowly turn it over to the more serious and sentimental side.
Think about how you want to go about it, and pick one.
On to the delivery of the wedding speech...
you need to take a quick self assessment of your public speaking skills.
Have you had a lot of experience with giving speeches, or was the last time you gave a speech in your public speaking course in college? If you need more help with how to get up and give a speech, then I suggest first going to YouTube and searching for some speeches to see how a professional speaker does it.
I recommend looking for seminars where the speaker is on a stage.
Look for body language, tone of voice, eye contact, and the way they deliver the content.
You'll notice that experienced expert speakers have tremendous amounts of confidence.
Their body language shows this well: they stand up nice and tall, use the proper amount of non-verbal communication with their hands and eyes, and they aren't pacing nervously back and forth.
They speak enthusiastically and energetically.
Their speech is well-organized and gets their point across in an extremely effective manner.
Again, the best way to learn how to do this is to just watch expert speakers do what they do.
Watch four to five different speakers give a speech, and take notes on what you liked about how they delivered their speech and mirror what they do.
Just remember to keep your audience in mind when you are writing your wedding speech.
Make sure your speech is applicable and relevant to the entire audience.
If half the audience won't get what you're saying, then your speech won't be effective.
Like any wedding speech, ALWAYS give thanks to those who deserve it.
Who you thank will be different depending on whether you are the groom, best man, or the father of the bride.
Make sure you thank the right people, accordingly.
Remember, that delivering your wedding speech is probably more important than what you say.
Use these tips I've given you to learn how to do it correctly.
Then you can practice, practice, and practice some more! Your speech should be well rehearsed, so once you've actually written your wedding speech, make sure you practice it in the mirror and/or in front of someone who can give you candid criticism.

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