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Yes You Can Survive a Breakup - Difficult But Definitely Doable

Don't get me wrong, a break up is a very difficult situation to deal with.
It's hard on you and your ex.
There is a great sensation of hurt feelings and emotions you both go through.
Surviving a breakup takes a lot of strength and will power.
This is a daunting experience.
You have this huge pressure on your chest.
No matter what you do you can't feel that void with anything you do.
One thing to consider is that you are not alone.
There are people who break up with each other every day.
So what you should understand is that you and your partner will survive and will be moving forward.
When you find yourself in this situation and surviving a breakup, there are a number of tips that can help you with the healing process.
The first step you should take is this,...
you shouldn't bottle up the pain.
A person cannot go through life without feeling pain.
The emotions you feel while going through a break up is just like if someone you loved passed away.
It's OK let yourself feel the pain and cry when you need to cry.
If you don't feel the pain how doyou begin to heal? Grab a pen and paper and start writing down how you feel, it's OK to scream, you should do whatever it takes to let the pain out.
This will take time but once you can get yourself into a calm state you can now look back and try and find out where you and your ex are in the relationship.
Once you know where you are you will be able to make right decisions.
When you are in a calm state of mind and evaluate the situation most times you will find the relationship is over.
When you can comes to terms with that you can now start taking the next step.
For married couples take the same action.
Once you both come to the conclusion that the relationship is over and can except it you both will have a much easier experience with dividing your properties.
This includes the home you both own, or personal properties you both accumulated of the time of the marriage.
Now once you both have come to a true separation and you are OK with it you need to have one last finalizing ritual.
This is a situation which will allow you to finally let go of your ex.
What you need to do is find letters, photos, etc.
and burn them.
This gesture you perform is for your benefit.
Now at this point you will need to use whatever support you have.
This can be family, friends, or other loved ones that can show you the emotional support you need.
Even if you have done everything you can to soften this blow of the break up there will be turbulence.
When this happens you need all the support you can to help you with this.

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