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Decorating Ideas For a Girls Bedrooms - 3 Exiting Ideas to Help You Get Started

Whether you are a new parent looking for ideas for your new born daughter's bedroom, or are trying to come to an agreement with your ten year old who wants to change her room from a little girl's room to a big girl room; finding girls bedroom ideas that will not blow your budget is not always easy. Using cheap home decorating ideas is a learned skill and buying cheap home decor is important.

When our children are born, we automatically associate certain colors with gender. Boys get blue and green, and girls get purple and pink. As your little girl grows up, she may decide that she does not want the frilly pink curtains, fluffy purple blanket, and lilac painted walls. What if she wants flaming red or black? Are there ways you can create a pleasant enough room that will satisfy your daughter and not bring you to tears?

1. Many of the popular girls bedroom ideas are designed from Disney characters, rock stars, or any other theme that may be enticing for a young lady. If your daughter is looking for dark paint colors for her room, try to work out an agreement with her for wall decals, or furniture that can be painted her desired choice. Explain that not only will dark colors on her walls make her moody and sad, it will also be very hard to paint over if you ever have to move or she decides to change her decorating ideas in a few years again.

2. Another popular of the girls bedroom ideas parents find to get their children involved is to buy stencils of butterflies or flowers, seashells or whatever they can find that their daughter likes. Then you can use the stencils to paint these little creatures on the walls, on furniture like dresser drawers, and desk drawers, to make your little girl feel as if she is living in another world.

3. If your daughter is an artist, you could create a studio like appearance for her room. Using neutral colored paint on the walls such as a soft yellow, green or peach, can either make it easier for re-painting at a later time if needed, or will allow for a color that can be used both for younger and older girls. You can purchase an artists easel from most department stores like Wal-mart. If you hang a cork board up on her wall, she can proudly display her designs. You can pick up organizers for her art supplies for under ten dollars so she can really set up shop like a pro.

There are many girls bedroom ideas to be found browsing through home magazines, store fliers, or just walking through various stores in a mall. It does not have to be a big expense, if you look for deals. Let your daughter share her ideas with you so you will know what she likes, and then work together to come up with a haven that she will treasure. Always remember that as your daughter grows and matures so will her ideas of how she would like her room to feel. Finding ways to change her room with the least expense as possible, will enable you to grow with her. Shopping for cheap home decor can be fun.If you find things on sale but are not ready for them yet, buy them and store them until you are.If the price is good enough, get it.

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