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3 Essential Yet Simple Steps To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back By Making Him Desire You Again

The most confusing thing that a man can say to a woman is that he needs more space. What is that? Why does he try to soften things? Something is bugging him so why can't he come right out and say it. Leaving you wondering what is the real problem can be more cruel than if he just came out and said he does not love you anymore. How can you get your ex boyfriend back if he won't talk or give any indication as to the real problem. You still love him and do not want to lose him forever but what can you do?

Realize He May Be Telling The Truth

When your ex boyfriend said he needed some space, that could be just what he needs. He wants some time to get things sorted out before he makes any mistakes. Men seldom pour their hearts out and tell you their innermost feelings the way women do. This always seems hard for a woman to understand, but men and women have differences other than the well known physical ones. Your ex boyfriend might be falling too deeply in love with you, and he needs time to think before he takes the next step in your relationship. He cannot tell you that until he is sure about it himself. This is why you need to respect his wishes.

Get Some Space For Yourself

To get your ex boyfriend back, you will need to give him the space he has asked for. This means that the best thing you can do for him and yourself is to let him go for now. The best way to do this is to get your mind off him and begin thinking of yourself and your needs. Occupy yourself by pampering yourself. Get yourself a makeover. Hairdo, tan and new clothes. Then get with some friends and go out and let the whole world see the new happy and confident woman you have become. If you happen to run into your ex, give him a big smile and move away before he can begin talking to you. It is not time for communication yet. You just want to make him desire you again.

Agree With The Breakup

You have given him the space and time he needed and now to get your ex boyfriend back you need to make him desire you so bad he will be almost crazy in love with you. Here is what you do. After he has seen the beautiful woman that he dumped, he will be trying desperately to contact you. He will be sending emails, text messages, and calling. You ignore him. Let the emails and phone calls pile up. Let this go on for two or three days and then you call him and tell him you had noticed that he was trying to contact you, but this was the first chance you had to get back to him. Then tell him you had wanted to tell him that you agree that the breakup was a good idea for both of you and wish him well in the future. Then end the conversation. You have not only made him desire you again, you have made him so crazy for you that he will stop at nothing to get you back.

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