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Lingerie may be personal and private, but it is also a fashion item.
2006 has seen the rise of the hottest lingerie item, the boy shorts, underwear that seems to be replacing the thong.
Boy shorts are basically tight short shorts or hot pants.
Some are a little loose fitting, though most are figure hugging.
Very flattering to the body, they shape the rear and make a woman look curvier and sexier.
Some boy shorts completely cover the rear, while others are a little shorter.
For girls who like to feel naughty, the shorter ones may be just the thing! Comfort is also one of the reasons that boy shorts are getting so popular! They have a full seat as they are cut more like shorts.
Usually they have a low rise and therefore fit well under jeans.
They eliminate panty lines when worn under tight pants or skirts Boy shorts come in many styles, colors and fabrics.
You can get them in 100% cotton or in polyester blends.
Microfiber would also be a good choice as it is also slightly more durable, though it could be more expensive.
If you want to feel truly feminine, go for silk, satin or even lace.
For extra comfort, double-layered lace boy shorts are a good choice.
Celebrities such as Halle Berry and Paris Hilton are reputed to be great fans of boy shorts.
From whalebone corsets, crinolines and long, full skirt petticoats to thongs and boy shorts, women's lingerie has come through a long and liberating journey.
Today, the accent is on something that is comfortable as well as sexy.

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