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The first rule of dating; always bring flowers

  Sunflowers are often referred to as the happiest flowers in Mother Nature's Floral Kingdom and it is no wonder, with their bright yellow petals pointing towards the sun it does seem as if they are taking pleasure in everything and they never fail to bring a smile to your face.

Not only does their bright yellow colour make you smile but in the hidden language of flowers the sunflower denotes power, warmth and nourishment – that must be why sunflower seeds are so good for you. Ancient lore and mythology attributes the power of the sunflower to the power of the sun itself. Should you have a secret admirer who has a preference to Sunflowers they are trying to tell you just how devoted to you they are?

You can tell anyone you like just how devoted you are to them, simply order a beautiful bouquet of Sunflowers from us, we  deliver all across the country from our door to their door. If you have been paying any attention you will know that we offer same day delivery on all floral products provided of course that you place your order before 12pm South African time.

Should you like to send a beautiful arrangement of Sunflowers – or if you have been sent a beautiful bunch of sunflowers from us and want to extend their shelf life – or rather their Vase life – from the normal 5 to 8 days, once you have thanked our delivery man profusely and sent him on his way, immediately put your bright and beautiful sunflowers in a vase with some water and cut the stems diagonally; this ensures good water intake.

Sunflowers are thirsty flowers and they need lots of water, make sure you check their water levels daily and replace the water with fresh water and flower food if needs be.

Don't be alarmed if the leaves of your sunflowers wilt before the flowers do – simply cut the leaves off, this will give your arrangement an instant facelift and prolong its life. Alternatively you can simply strip the leaves before putting your flowers in the vase.

How ever you care for your flowers, just make sure you enjoy the bright bounty and place your vase of flowers where everyone can see them and just enjoy them.

Don't delay; click through to order your bouquet of sunflowers online from us at NetFlorist today! It's simple and easy and will get you out of the dog box and into the good books.

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