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Steps to Make a Wooden Picture Frame

So, you've got a few nice looking photographs that you wish to frame but you're unclear tips on how to go about doing it. Sure, there are plenty of photo frames on the market right now, but finding the ideal one can be hard sometimes. A lot of people go for making their own wooden image frames given that they're quite simple to create. Making your own wood photograph frame can also be a fantastic idea if you want to reduce your cost, particularly in this tough economic system where every penny matters. Read on if you wish to find out how to make your own!

Step one is, obviously, to figure out the exact proportions. This step is very simple and you can safely use the photo in order to figure out the proper proportions for the frame. After you include your proportions, you should choose the photograph molding. You will find several ways to obtain a quality picture framework molding. As an advice, it is best to go to the bigger art stores or craft shops since they generally have better products. There are also several forms of molding at home enhancement shops.

Given that you feature your proportions finished, you can start selecting the framework materials! Be sure to buy the right amount of framework materials, possibly even a little extra if you're a total novice. Although this task doesn't call for any wooden working experience, a lot of people still mess up during the cutting process. Cut the molding into 4 separate pieces using a handsaw. Keep in mind that a molding piece needs to feature twice the wooden thickness. As soon as the molding was cut, that you need to cut each individual piece again so that they feature a 45-degree position. This is completed easily utilizing a handsaw and a mitre box!

Given that you include all of the framework pieces, you can lay them on a flat working surface and prepare them. Make sure you use quality wood glue in addition to corner clamps for the framework edges. The wood glue should be put on on the corners after which you include to press collectively the items. Make sure to allow the frame adequate time to dry properly. You can also stain it or sand it after it's dry out. The ultimate important thing that that you need to do now is to add the ultimate, hanging part. As you're able to notice, producing your personal wood picture frame is very easy and inexpensive!

You should obtain extra informations on how to make a picture frame from wood on the how to make a picture frame website.

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