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Using Your Spa in the Winter Time Can Be Great Fun

Many of us enjoy using our Spas all year around.
Wintertime use can be extremely fun and enjoyable.
Many of us live in colder climates, so special precautions should be used to maintain proper energy efficiency and operation.
Do not let your Spa freeze up so this means keeping the heating system on.
If your spa is equipped with a timer then set it to come on 4 times an hour.
Some Spas thermostat controls have a freeze section.
This will enable hot water to circulate through out the system, including and most importantly the pipes.
These tend to freeze up first, because they are usually on the backside of the tub and exposed the cold first.
In colder climates zero degrees and below, you may need to have the heating system turned on all the time.
As you operate your Hot Tub in the colder months, remember it will take longer and more energy to keep it hot.
Find the temperature you are going to use and keep it there.
It is less expensive to maintain a constant temp than letting it run cooler and then jacking the heat up before you us it.
Save heat loss by using a Floating Spa Cover Saver.
These are heat-retaining blankets that you float in your spa underneath the hard cover.
You can save upwards of 30% of the heat loss by using these.
I use mine in the summertime also, being the thrifty person I am.
And this will also save you on chemical usage.
Keep an eye your water level, especially in the winter months.
A low water level condition could cause your pump and heater to shut off.
Pipes could freeze and crack causing damage to your Spa.
And please make sure you clean your Spa in the warmer months before it gets cold.
Trying to do this in the winter when it is below freezing will prove to be most challenging.
Also if you get major snow falls or even light dustings, make sure you brush the snow off of your cover.
Many are not designed to take a weight for periods of time.
I have one of those car brushes/ice scrapers I have handy and use that when I need too.
If your spa is big enough, having winter spa parties is a great idea.
I have my spa on my patio, close to the door.
So it isn't hard to get my guest to join in a nice wonderful soak in the hot tub.
Everyone seems to enjoy it, and have huge beach towels handy, so they can get out and wrapped up quickly.
We have such an exhilarating and fun times in our spa with family and friends.
I whole heartily recommend time spend there after a long hard day.

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