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How to Teach Children to Write Indian Legends

    Teaching Children to Write Indian Legends

    • 1). Select an Indian legend to teach the class. Make samples of the story to hand out. If applicable, include an image or series of images to help tell the story visually.

    • 2). Tell the legend as a storyteller would -- passionately, and with full detail. The goal is to inspire the students and arm their imaginations so they can see the story unfold. This is an integral part of the process. A bad attempt at storytelling could make it a more difficult project.

    • 3). Choose a moral for the students to write about. For example, "treat others the way you would treat yourself" could be the story's focus. The moral will be the same for each student. It is up to the student to use his or her imagination to determine how a person would learn this moral with the help of animals or ancestors.

    • 4). Direct the students independently as they write, being sure to keep them on track. While it is great for the students to explore their own Indian legends, they need to stay true to the focus of the moral that the legend needs to convey.

    • 5). Pick a student volunteer to read his or her story aloud in the same manner that you had read them the first Indian legend. Time permitting, allow as many students to share their legends with the class as possible.

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