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All About Transcription Services

Transcription is the process of converting any audio (either live or recorded) materials into written documents. The person who transcribes is known as the transcriptionist.

Transcription services are getting popular day by day. There are many companies in the US and other countries where transcription services are taking as a serious business. Some of the most common examples where transcription is needed are court hearings or physicians recorded voice notes, seminars, and conferences.

The reason why audio files need to be transcribed is to make information accessible so that anybody can obtain information regardless of the format of the source of information. Another reason is to ensure security of all important information from losing them accidentally.

In the transcription business, most of the companies accept the recorded speech in cassette, CD or audio file formats. Different companies provide different transcription services and also their way of working is different. Usually the pricing is fixed based on per line, per hour, per word etc.

Transcription Services can be divided into several categories -
€ Interview
€ Podcasts
€ Sermon
€ Seminar
€ Online Conference
€ Web Meeting
€ Audio Book
€ Medical Report
€ Video
€ Academic
€ Business Dictation
€ CD
€ Conference call
€ Corporate
€ Skype
€ Television
€ and many more Transcription

Previously real time transcription was a difficult job as people needed to type instantly which is a special skill but after some technology evolution this process became easier. Currently, with the help of advanced technologies people can transcribe anything very rapidly. For the audio an mp3 recorder can be used. The audio file can be uploaded within a few minutes and transcriber can replay the audio file as often as needed. Thus the full process is much easier than it had been previously.

As the transcription business is growing day by day the scope of carrier in transcription field is also increasing. In most cases many companies offer the convenience of an online job for transcribers. As it is mostly an online job it is a good opportunity for students who can work from home along with their studies. Especially in USA the students are getting more involved in providing transcription services. Also, most of the companies search for an employer from English speaking countries rather than from other countries. Really this is a great scope to earn from home and to mange a good life.

The clients, who require transcription services frequently, need to find a good transcription service provider. They can find them in search engines. Based on the company description, they can determine which company offers the best solution for their particular situation.

It is important for transcription service providers to advertise their services online. It is a growing business, and those transcription businesses which do not have an online presence have a more difficult time to find contracts.

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