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Postcy - Online Backup Solutions With Disaster Mending and Management of Data in Just 99 Euro

Are your stored files safe in your PC? Postcy knows that answer to this question can make disaster mending and management of data easy with online backup solutions. Availing such services in 99 Euro is never a bad deal considering your pocket needs. They basically want you to stay away from consequences like:
Failure of hard drive
Bugs, etc
When you are browsing online it's very easy to give entry to virus that may lead to losing of old stored files. In order to get rid of such problem and maintain your data you need some quality backup solutions. Team of Postcy says that gone are the days when people used to opt for traditional techniques of managing data and disaster mending like:
Using hard drive for backup of data
Using thumb drive
Using CD
Using DVD's
Say no to such traditional external source of managing data which involves lot of efforts. There are many things to do in such traditional method like changing CD, waiting till it gets copy paste, etc. Now this is not only waste of energy but also waste of time. Postcy understands value of your time and so has come up with some exciting online backup solutions. Here you can find it easy to save data by means of server of backup solutions. Stop worrying about your data as it is safe hands of Postcy server where secrecy is accurately maintained. You don't have to worry about privacy settings.
It is considered that with Postcy crucial data is in safe hands and no one can log in to your data without login Id and password. They will suggest you to select the password which is completely different in order to maintain safety factor. During emergency situations you can make use of this data and it is also easy to get through it. Some of the plans offered by Postcy for online backup solutions are:
And platinum
Bronze 10 GB plan is available in 99 Euro with features like:
Unlimited local backup for free
Multiple backup schedule
One account, many computer
Web access
Incremental backup
Web archive
Drop box
Rock solid infrastructure
Multiple version
Military strength security
Bandwidth throttling
CPU utilization
Window with "do not backup"
Block level incremental backup
Flexible web control administration'
Backup reports
Backup alerts
Customer management
External disk backup
Open file backup, etc.
These features with Postcy online backup solutions can make it easy for you to browse your crucial files from anywhere across the world. Some of the other online backup solutions like silver can be availed at 499.50 Euro, gold plan at 1999.50 Euro and platinum plan at 2399.50 Euro. Silver plan is available with 50 GB space, gold with 200 GB space and platinum with 500 GB space.
Keep your important files safe with Postcy!

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