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What Size Is A1 Equivalent to in Powerpoint?

    Setting Slide Size

    • To set the size of the slides in the current project, open the Design tab at the top of the PowerPoint screen and click "Page Setup." On the subsequent dialog box select "Custom" from the top drop-down menu, then enter 59.4cm as the width and 84.1cm as the height. Swap the values around (or click "Landscape") if you want the slides to be orientated in landscape format rather than portrait. Click "OK" to confirm the selections.

    Other Slide Options

    • There are various other aspects of the presentation slides that can be configured. On the Design ribbon are options for changing the color scheme, applying a new background style and changing the master layout of the slides in the current project. Right-click on a blank area of the slide and select "Layout" to change the layout of the current slide. Choose "Format Background" from the same menu to add colors, gradients and other effects to the background of the slide on screen.

    Creating a Presentation

    • PowerPoint comes with numerous tools to help create presentations. Text, images and clip-art are added via the Insert tab. Shapes, charts and screenshots can also be dropped in. Individual elements within a slide can be animated with the options on the Animations tab, while the Transitions tab enables users to configure the effects used when moving from one slide to the next. The Slide Show tab is used to run the slideshow at full screen size, and configure various options, such as the resolution used and the on-screen controls.

    Output Options

    • Slides can only be printed out at A1 size if an A1 printer is available -- otherwise they must be split up into chunks or shrunk down to match the maximum paper size supported by the printer. Both of these alternatives are configured from the Print section of the File tab. If you need to save an individual slide at A1 size, supported output formats include JPG, GIF, BMP, TIF and PNG. Select "Save as" from the File menu to do this. After you click "Save" to confirm, PowerPoint offers you the choice of saving every slide or just the current one.

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