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How To Prevent Serious Injuries On The Ice With These Hockey Safety Advise

The nature of ice hockey is one that doesn't allow the possibility of preventing all potential injuries. There are flying hockey sticks, sharp blades on skates, and a hard rubber puck that is frozen before games. The minimum result of a stray hit by a hockey puck is a not so nice bruise. Keep in mind that this is a best case scenario. Then there are considerations involving getting hurt from muscle pulls and various sprains, etc. Yes, hockey continues to be one of those sports that truly is dangerous. It's really important for players to be mentally aware and watch out for danger. Pay attention to these safety tips to make sure your hockey experience is as safe as it possibly can be.

It's important to use good judgment and a healthy dose of common sense when choosing skates. Make a point of checking that the skate you choose is a good fit for the foot. Wearing skates that are too small can injure the foot. Foot pain is a major distraction from what's taking place in the game. Losing focus on the game makes you a likely candidate for injury. You should also make sure the skate you choose offers adequate support. Don't purchase skates that lack the protective cup designed to protect toes. It's also important to take good care of the skates to keep them in top condition. Part of this is keeping skate blades sharp.

Always use hockey equipment that is certified by a recognized entity, or organization. No matter what the sport may be, the use of high quality sports equipment is very important. Among those reasons concerns safety, and it is true that a defective piece of equipment of low quality can lead to injury. There are several organizations that serve this purpose such as the Hockey Equipment Certification Council, or HECC. Another excellent choice would be the American Society for Testing and Materials. The Canadians Standards Association or CSA often certified Canadian gear. You should look for these labels on all hockey equipment you buy.

The protective visor is one piece of hockey safety equipment that isn't always used. Even so, there are plenty of hockey players who do the smart thing and use them. The hard plastic protective visor works to protect the face and eyes from injury. It is not that hard to get hit by a puck or a hockey stick that someone threw which can lead to major damage.

Nothing can protect you 100%. But they sure can drastically reduce the likelihood of very serious injury when worn and also worn properly. Reading hockey safety tips can help you prevent many injuries.

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