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How to Find Out If You're Owed Back SSI Money

    • 1). Count the number of weeks between your application date and the date of your first benefit payment. Multiply the number of weeks by the weekly amount you're entitled to receive. You can find your weekly benefit amount on your award letter. If you've already received partial payment, subtract this from the the total to determine the amount due to you.

    • 2). Call to speak with a representative from Social Security if you need additional assistance, or want to verify that your calculations match theirs. The toll-free number is 800-772-1213. Tell the representative that you have questions about your benefits and want to know if you are owed money, and if so, when and how it will be paid to you. Compare the payment amount they give you with the amount you calculated, and ask for an explanation if there is a discrepancy.

    • 3). Go to your local Social Security office if you need further assistance or are unable to resolve the discrepancy over the phone. At the office, you'll be able to sit down with a representative and go over your claim in person. Show the representative how you came up with your figure, and have them show you how they came up with theirs. If you're unsure where your closest office is located, you can perform a search on their website (see Resource). On the "Local Office Search" webpage, enter your zip code and then click on the "Locate" button to see your results.

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