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How to Incorporate Families Into Their Children's School

    • 1). Reach out to the parents. Invite parents to brown-bag lunch chats on weekends. Each chat can have a designated topic of discussion or invite parents to come with questions or concerns. The key is making parents feel welcome.

    • 2). Organize a "Take Your Family to School Week." This will not only make parents feel welcome at the school and more acquainted with the education their kids are getting; it also lets kids know that their parents are interested in their education. "Take Your Family to School Week" should host activities before and after school for parents and kids. For example, you could host fun events, such as family movie night in the gym, or coffee, hot chocolate and doughnuts for kids and parents before school. Such activities should give parents time to talk with other parents and teachers in a relaxed environment.

    • 3). Ask parents to volunteer for three hours during every school year. Give them concrete tasks and activities to devote their time to when they do volunteer. Schools have found that once parents get a taste for volunteering they want to do more and more of it.

    • 4). Communicate with parents by email. Encourage teachers to send out weekly emails detailing student projects and progress, and ask for responses from parents. This is a basic way to facilitate dialogue.

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