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Is Your Life Making a Difference?

Do you recall the reason you decided to accept the mantle of business ownership? Reminisce with me briefly.
Think back on your moment of decision.
Did you choose to affiliate with a specific product or service because you knew in your soul that it was something that would benefit others? Do you remember the joy your career decision gave you? As you embarked on your entrepreneurial journey, you were filled with excitement.
The prospect of sharing your newfound business was so overwhelming you just couldn't keep quiet.
You truly wanted to share because you knew that others lives would be enhanced by your offering.
Let me give you an example of one who is truly making a difference.
Meet Sandy Morgan.
Sandy is blessed with Cerebral Palsy (CP).
All her life she has lived with severe motor skill challenges.
She could have easily given up and been filled with hate, but no, this was not the course she chose to accept for her life.
Not only did she become a teacher at Michael Dowling School, where she herself attended as a child, but she also wrote a teacher's manual series for the Minnesota Department of Education.
However, her story doesn't end there.
This is only the beginning.
One day Sandy discovered a business that made perfect sense to her.
It would make her life and the lives of others like her easier.
What Sandy discovered was Send Out Cards (SOC).
Her newfound business would allow anyone to send a card to their friends and family at the touch of a computer button.
Whether they were physically challenged or not SOC could make a profound impact on the lives of not only the sender but the receiver as well.
From her wheelchair, Sandy shares this opportunity with everyone she comes in contact.
The SOC tagline is "Changing lives one card at a time" and that is exactly what they do.
But this still is not the end of Sandy's tale.
While SOC is making a difference in Sandy's life and the life of many others by allowing them to share their thoughts and feelings with others like her without the added hassle of loading up their wheelchairs and making a trip to the store Sandy was always looking for ways to help others.
Her new love came when she discovered audio books.
Sandy knew that audio books would allow her to enjoy reading without having to focus on the text.
Not only physically challenged but everyday commuters could benefit from the use of audio books! Sandy's vision for helping others in this area was confirmed as a perfect solution when an article appeared in the New York Times September 17, 2007, EMusic, a Song-Download Site, to Offer Audiobooks.
The article states that, "Some publishers are just dipping in a toe...
Random House Audio, for example, will be selling about 500 titles, roughly 20 percent of its catalog, through eMusic.
" Looks like Sandy's vision is clearly on track.
So you see Sandy Morgan from her wheelchair in Minnesota is making a difference in the lives of others on a daily basis.
Every day you too could be making a profound impact.
Stay firmly committed to your product or service.
Never forget your reason for sharing.
If you keep your business to yourself because you are afraid to offend or share, someone in need may miss out on a life changing opportunity.
Whether they choose to follow you in business or simply take advantage of your offering you both will benefit.
Rediscover your first enthusiasm and change a life one day at a time.
© Copyright 2006 Ginger Marks

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