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How do I Design a Roster in Excel?

    • 1). Open a blank Excel file (CTRL + N) and start listing titles for the columns of your roster across the first row. Common column titles include "First Name," "Last Name," "Player Number" (or ID in the case of a team of employees), "Address," "Phone Number," and "Position" (for a sports team). Add any additional column titles that you want to include on your roster.

    • 2). Double-click the tab at the bottom of your Excel that says "Sheet1" and type in the name of the team or organization.

    • 3). Start entering your roster details according to the columns set in the first step. Double check the information when you finish before you proceed. Click the "Data" tab then "Sort" on the Excel main menu to sort the information in a logical order (usually by team member number or last name).

    • 4). Click the line between each column letter and then drag your mouse across the spreadsheet to adjust the width to ensure that each piece of information in each cell (intersection between a column and row) displays in full.

    • 5). Click the number next to the first row ("1") to select the entire first row. Click "CTRL + B" on your keyboard to make the first row (containing the roster titles) bold.

    • 6). Select the rest of the roster information, other than the titles in the first row. Right-click the selection and click "Format Cells." Navigate to the "Fill" tab and choose one of the colors on the list for the backdrop of your roster. This will add a little color to your roster design. You can also click the "Font" tab to change the font if you wish using this dialog box. Click "OK" to save your changes.

    • 7). Enter the coach or leader's name and any additional information you want to add about the organization at the bottom of the roster. Modify the "Fill" behind those cells in the same manner as was described in the previous step.

    • 8). Click CTRL + S to save your new roster and modify it when needed.

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