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When to Give Up on Your Old Relationship

Break ups are tough.
It's only normal to want to try to save your relationship after you've been dumped.
But with all the phone calls, trying to talk things out, and just all the lost sleep as you ponder over what you can do, it really makes you wonder if it's all just a lost cause.
Here are a few things to consider that might mean that you should throw in the towel and give up trying to save your relationship.
First, does your ex seem to be getting along perfectly find without you? If your ex is moving on with their life and they seem to be taking it in a new direction, then this is a big sign that you should probably stop trying.
If your ex is moving to a new city, getting engaged to someone new (!), or taking their life in a dramatically different direction, it means that they are moving on.
This might not be easy to handle at first, but it's for the best if you simply move on with your life and try to accept the fact that they are moving on.
Another sign that you should stop trying to work things out with your partner is if they seem completely indifferent to you.
Although, you may still have a chance of working things out if your partner hates you or is angry at you, you must realize that a complete absence of any emotion from them at all is definitely not a good sign for your prospects of saving your relationship.
The third thing you need to keep in mind is whether or not the relationship was really a healthy one in the first place.
Some relationships just aren't good for you.
Whether your partner is cruel to you or you feel like you're trapped in a codependent relationship, if your relationship isn't doing you any favors, you might want to consider cutting your losses and moving on.
Take a moment and check with yourself.
Deep down, do you know that your relationship isn't really taking you and your life in the direction you want? If so then you might just be better of parting ways with your partner.
These are 3 ways that you can tell if your relationship just isn't worth the effort to save.
I know it can be a difficult conclusion to come to but, if you discover that you're better off moving on, don't resist it and try make the best of the situation.

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