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How to Make a Wine Chiller

    Adjusting the Thermostat

    • 1). Find the thermostat knob, generally located at the back of the refrigerator.

    • 2). Set the thermostat to 55 degrees Fahrenheit -- the optimal temperature for storing wine.

    • 3). Remove the racks to make more room for wine bottles. If your refrigerator is large enough to store the wine bottles by laying them down, leave one rack set in the middle of the refrigerator. If not, remove all of the racks so the bottles can stand upright.

    Regulating the Humidity

    • 1). Place an open container of water inside the mini-refrigerator to raise the humidity.

    • 2). Establish the humidity of wine storage. In general, refrigerators have low humidity but wine coolers are intended to maintain high humidity.

    • 3). Measure the moisture content by using a hygrometer, which can be purchased at a wine shop. Make sure the humidity is kept around 70 percent. If it's too low, simply add more water. If it's too high, remove some.

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