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Discover the No Contact Rule With an Ex - Is This the Solution to Win Your Ex Back?

There are so many theories out there about how to win your ex back.
I usually like to stick to ethical methods, so that's why I always advise the no contact rule.
There's nothing underhand about it - people who think that probably don't understand why it works so well.
So how can you make this work for you? First of all, after a break up I know it can be very tough.
Don't panic, however, help is at hand.
In order to make sure you are in a good state of mind, I suggest that you write down a plan of what you are going to do in the coming weeks.
Headlined should be: "No contacting my ex.
I'm going to remove their phone number from my mobile so I can't do any drunk dialling or text message terrorism.
No professing my love, no begging to take me back.
" Keep a back up of their number on a piece of paper - this measure is simply to stop yourself from doing something rash in 'the moment'.
You must stay strong, because that is what is attractive.
The no contact rule with ex is all about re-establishing yourself as an attractive prospect.
Instead of being bugged by that 'pesky' ex, your loved one will soon start to miss you and the fun times you had.
A few weeks or more is a good length of time for this to kick in.
That's when you must seize your opportunity.
Don't come flying back in expressing your feelings though.
You need to show that you are independent and will get on with your life.
It's time to show your strength of character.
Of course at some point, you'll need to address the issues from the breakup.
Tact is necessary here, and it is easy to go wrong.

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