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What Do Men Look For In A Woman? 4 Of The Most Desirable Qualities Men Look For In A Woman

What exactly do men want? More specifically, what is it that men search for in a woman? Knowing what a man wants in a woman, gives you a strong advantage in your love life, because it gives you the chance to literally become the most desirable woman out there.
Thus, it's clearly important to know what men look for in a woman.
Use these 4 tips as a guide to understanding what men want in a woman: Emotionally Stable Men do not go after women who are unpredictable with their emotions; in other words: they don't like moody women.
Now you may not think you are moody; but if you easily become upset or switch moods because someone said something you didn't like; or because someone did something you didn't like, then you are in fact moody.
Keep your moods in check, so that you appear to be more emotionally mature.
Men look for women who CONTROL their emotions; instead of women who let their emotions control them.
Independent Many women depend on their family or friends to help them out when they have a problem or need something; instead of working to provide it for themselves.
Men prefer women who are independent and work to provide themselves with their needs or wants, without having to depend or rely on others too much.
Men prefer this type of woman, because it means she will not be too clingy, desperate, or needy around him; which in turn gives him room to actually KNOW her and be with her on a deeper level that goes beyond the superficial "caregiver" type of relationship.
Easygoing Some women tend to take things far too personally, and can't seem to take a joke or criticism.
Thus, men search for a woman who is easygoing, that way when he makes a mistake, he won't feel like he is being severely punished for it.
Or, if he is honest with her, she won't take it in an extremely negative fashion.
An easygoing woman doesn't fret about the small stuff and can have fun with a man.
Remember that women can either be a stress causer or a stress reliever to men..
so which one do you think he's going to pick? Obviously, he's going to choose a woman who is a stress reliever.
Forgiving It's a man's worst nightmare to date a woman who never forgets anything and always holds everything against him.
Men desire a woman who is forgiving, because it means that she can move ON and FORWARD.
No one wants to be stuck in the same problem day in and day out; BUT if you constantly hold something against a man or can't let go, he's going to feel like you just don't want to change or move forward, and just want to live in the past.
Think of it this way: men are actually looking for someone to be with, which means they want things to work out.
BUT, you should give him the chance to work things out and make things last in the first place, which means both people are going to have to learn how to forgive and move on.

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