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How to Watch a 60 Minute TV Show in 40 Minutes

 It always scares me when I read how much time people spend watching TV.
Just look at the numbers for American Idol or other so-called Reality shows.
 When you sit down to watch a one hour show on Network TV you are most probably watching a 40 minute show with 20 minutes of commercials.
So, if you want to add an extra 33% to your day you need to Tivo or DVR those programs and watch them later.
That way you can avoid all the loud, bright, annoying commercials that bombard your brain all night whether you listen to them or not.
Your subconscious mind is hearing them and getting frazzled so avoid that trauma.
I have encouraged people to do this with their favorite shows and some of them reply that they have to watch the shows live to get the atmosphere.
I am not sure what the difference is between watching a show live or an hour later but there you go.
Let's say your favorite show comes on at 8:00 p.
Your record it and start watching at 8:30.
 That way you can skip through all the commercials and finish the show in 40 minutes.
Most 60 minute shows on Network TV are between 39-41 minutes in length, once you cut out the commercials.
For a 30 minute show it is usually between 19-21 minutes in length.
 So, wouldn't you like to have more time to spend with your spouse, your partner, your kids?  Now you can.
 That saved time you gain can be used for fun activities like TALKING to one another or LISTENING to one another.
What a concept that is.
Make some changes in your TV viewing habits.
Your life will be far more productive and you will be a happier person.

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