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How to Hang Rubber Balls From Ceiling

    • 1). Pass the fishing line through the end of the large needle. Tie the fishing line around the needle and pull it tight.

    • 2). Set the rubber ball on the floor and push the needle partway into the ball. Grab the needle with the pliers and force it into the rubber ball until it pushes out the other side. Release the needle and grip it on the other side with the pliers.

    • 3). Apply pressure on the rubber ball with your hand or foot and pull the needle out through the other side using the pliers. Cut the fishing line off the needle and tie it securely to a small washer. Pull the string tight so the washer is flush with the rubber ball. Tie a few knots on the top of the ball using just the fishing line in order to keep the ball in place.

    • 4). Drill a hole in the ceiling, using a drill bit that is smaller than the thread of the drywall hook. Cut the fishing line to the proper length so that the ball hangs at the desired height. Tie the other end of the fishing line to the drywall hook. Attach the drywall hook to the ceiling by rotating it clockwise in the pre-drilled hole.

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