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4 Reasons Why Dating a Gamer is Rad!

While perusing online dating profiles, I'm always fascinated by people's interests and hobbies. I've noticed that a significant amount of singles are into games, whether it be computer games or video games.

After chatting with these gamers, and hearing about their past relationship experiences, I've learned a few lessons on why dating them can be fun!

They are Good Communicators

Everyone says communication is key in relationships and playing games together, while working together toward a common goal, really brings people together. If you prefer puzzle games while your partner pummels opponents, find a game where you can combine your skills, like L.A. Noire. Even if you just watch, you can suggest strategies or discuss characters and storylines. 

You Can See How They React to Losing

Seeing how someone reacts when they win or lose gives you clues about their real life character. Some gloat, some throw temper tantrums, while others act graciously and offer to help fellow players become better. There's nothing wrong with taking a game seriously, but those who take it way too seriously may not be the type of soul mate you're searching for.

They are Easy to Buy Gifts For

Wondering what to buy a significant other plagues most relationships, but not when a gamer is a gift recipient. In addition to the obvious (games, controllers, console accessories), many games have online stores where you can buy all kinds of game-related merchandise (even customizable t-shirts)! You may even find things at your local outlet store, such as Gears of War pajama pants I saw the other day.

You Can Attend Fun Conventions

If gamers are the isolated, socially awkward nerds that stereotypes say they are, then why do they attend so many conventions? No matter where you live, there is likely some type of cosplay and/or gaming get-together that goes down in your town. It's fun to see all the costumes and new happenings that are going on in that very intelligent and interesting world.

There are many more advantages of dating a gamer. You learn patience, since you often have to wait for your partner to finish a level before you can leave for dinner. Plus, you always have batteries in the house in case your power ever goes out. You share the joys of beating a boss and the sorrows of seeing the scathing "Game Over" screen!

Give a gamer a chance! You can plenty of them on internet dating sites. It's a harmless, relatively inexpensive hobby that will make you feel young and bring you closer together!

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