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The Worst Mistakes People Make When Trying to Connect With Their Ex

People tend to make the worst mistakes when they want something.
Or should I say someone.
When you act desperate and needy, you push the deal away.
This is what happens to most people and it is also what happened to me.
Calling 24/7, reminding a person that you love them only adds to the damage that on a break up scenario.
There is a concept that I heard from someone that goes something like this.
If a scrappy, hungry looking, nasty looking dog came scratching at your door, looking for food, you would not want to feed it because it may have infections.
But if a well-groomed, healthy looking dog came to your door looking for food, you would let it inside and feed it.
This concept applies to the real world and the dating break up scenario.
Meaning one of the first steps you need to take is to improve yourself.
Show that you have value and that it is a greater loss for them that you are gone now.
This way, you can show that you are a strong individual as well and that you can move on whenever you want.
This will make your ex partner want you more than ever.
You need to find out what created the sparks in the first place so that you can recreate it.
Maybe you partner liked a certain look about you or a style you use to have.
Maybe they are attracted to something you did for them in the past.
The trick is to not give them what they want from you and also hold back on communication.
But at the same time do not completely ignore them once you start to talk to them again, but at the beginning of the process of getting them back it may be best to destroy all communications with them, so they can try to get to you instead.
You can make them want to communicate with you by doing this because they will always wonder what you are up to But beware of doing this - because you may loss them to someone else in the process.
It all depends on how bad the breakup was and where both of you stand.

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