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Interior Decorating Ideas on a Budget

    Standout Bookshelves

    • If you aren't ready to commit to brightly hued or patterned walls, enhance just the area behind a bookcase. Add an inexpensive pop of color or an interesting design to any room in a matter of minutes. After decorating the wall behind the bookcase, customize the look by displaying items that coordinate with the wallpaper or paint color. For instance, hang an intricate black-and-white, toile-patterned wallpaper and display a collection of vintage plates or perfume bottles on the shelf. Complement turquoise-hued paint with glass apothecary jars filled with seashells and sea glass-encrusted picture frames.

    Customized Coffee Table

    • A customized coffee table will make a big impact for minimal money. Decorate an antique or outdated coffee table to coordinate with your overall living room theme. Cut a piece of clear glass or Pexiglass to fit the dimensions of the tabletop; have it professionally trimmed if you don't own the appropriate glass-cutting tools. Depending on the living room's style, arrange retro postcards, black-and-white photos, vintage magazine ads, patterned fabric, movie stubs and theater tickets or brightly colored geometric designs on the table and place the glass or Plexiglass on top. Use collections that you already own to save money.

    Colorful Textiles

    • Cheaply update any room in your home using colorful textiles. Vibrantly hued fabrics can infuse a space with a variety of decor styles, from whimsical to island-inspired. Choose color-drenched textiles according to a room theme, such as a sunny yellow and sea green woven rug for a casual island-inspired bedroom. Instantly add life to a boring bathroom with a budget-friendly cherry red, turquoise, lime green or regal purple shower curtain. Pick a hue to reflect the space's color scheme. Place burgundy, gold and burnt orange decorative pillows on a neutral-hued couch for a rich, autumn-inspired look. If your bed features plain white bedding, add a pop of color by folding a colorful throw blanket at the foot.

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