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Ignore Your Ex Girlfriend If You Want to Get Her Back

Sometimes when we are embroiled in the middle of a break up we can't see how much the other person means to us.
This often happens with dating couples and by the time the dust has settled one or the other partner realizes that they've made a huge mistake.
If you're a man who has come to the painful conclusion that your ex is really the woman you love, you have probably spent at least some time trying to figure out how to get a second chance with her.
Calling and begging for forgiveness might seem like the logical thing to do but if you really want her back, your best move is to ignore your ex girlfriend.
This seems counterproductive.
If you want to woo your girl back how are you supposed to accomplish that by not talking to her? As surprising as it seems, it actually does work.
There are several reasons why it's best to ignore your ex girlfriend if you want her back and the first has to do with giving her space.
Most of us make the wrong assumption that unless we're constantly around another person they'll forget about us.
The opposite is actually true.
If you are always within reach, if you call your ex every day, text or email her, she's never going to have the opportunity to miss you.
You need to stop contacting her so she can see that without you, there's a void in her life.
No amount of talking or begging or crying can ever convince her of that.
You have to show her and to do that you have to cut all contact.
Another reason why it's so important to ignore your ex girlfriend if you still love her is that you want her to start questioning your feelings.
If you have made it known that you are willing to wait a lifetime to have a second chance with her, she may take you up on that offer and prolong making a decision about getting back together.
In the meantime she may be out enjoying herself with friends and maybe even a new man while you are sitting at home waiting for the call from her that will bring your relationship back to life.
Never put your life on hold after a break up.
Instead go out and have fun.
If you and your ex have mutual friends word will get back to her that you're enjoying your life.
This won't sit well with her and it will instantly make her question the break up.
You want this to happen, so resist every temptation to sit and wait for her.
You'll accomplish much more by continuing to enjoy your life.

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